Portrait Gallery


Gabriella with Fred and Molly
24” x 18”, Pastel on paper
A friend of Gabriella’s commissioned this portrait for her as a gift. One of her two dogs had passed, and the client wanted “Gabby” to enjoy the memories. Since this had to be done on the QT, I had to rely on snapshots of both the human and canine subjects. Fortunately, I had met Gabby a couple of times. The original photo was of the three sitting on a big, green lawn. That background just wouldn’t do, so I probed the client for more information. It seemed that Gabby loved the beach, and spent many hours with her dogs on the Mendocino coast. I painted the beach scene from a collage of memories and placed the three friends in the new setting. My client told me that when Gabby saw the painting, she cried, and said that she even recognized the beach!

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